Swantha School Project

Since 2011, OzNepal Trekking has been the Nepalese contact and facilitator for an amazing project initiated by a group of clients from Perth. After trekking in the Annapurna region, this group of friends was moved by the plight of the Swantha school, which was on the brink of closure.

The school has only 35 primary aged children from a very poor local surrounding farming community. Very few students make it past grade one as they are required to work on their family's farm to help survive.

The group of trekkers were emotionally overcome. There was a realisation that because of where the children were born, they were about to be denied a right to education, whereas children born in Western countries receive an automatic entitlement to an education.

Determined to help deliver an education, the group has so far raised funds to:

  • complete school building works, including a new library
  • design, fit and supply uniforms to all students
  • establish a library of English books as a result of a book drive in Australia
  • purchase and supply text books and stationary

As a result, the Nepalese government has decided to leave the school open. Future goals include the recruitment of a qualified teacher, the introduction of scholarships to year 4 and 5 children to encourage parents to keep their children at school and the provision of further uniforms, text books and stationary each year.

A trust fund has been established in Nepal to facilitate the process of continuing sponsorship of the school.