Food, health and hygeine

The staple diet of the Nepalese people is 'dahl bhaat' - rice and lentils. These are served with a variety of vegetable and meat curries as well as spicy pickles.

On trekking tours, however, our own personal kitchen crews produce a range of western cuisine dishes, with every meal prepared by our staff and served around a table in some of the most unbelievable settings you can imagine to enjoy a meal.

These include dishes such as curries, chips, savoury vegetables, rice, pasta, salads and even cakes! Even under the most extreme circumstances you will be surprised at the cuisine on offer! The type of food available also depends on the altitude and region and the type of fresh food available.

We trek with our own specially trained kitchen crew. They work to strict hygiene standards and practices. Kitchen conditions, food preparation and serving is overseen at all times by our head chef and the trek leader.

Food hygiene is a massively important element to the success of a trek and our staff are flawless with their adherence to our standards. It can be an enlightening and educational experience watching the kitchen and serving crew hard at work.

To completely enjoy the experience of trekking in Nepal, health and hygiene are paramount.
OzNepal Trekking requires clients to provide medical information.

It is recommended that all clients have a medical check and full immunisation prior to departure. Consult your doctor or check the requirements at

A comprehensive first aid kit and medical supplies are carried on the trek. Trek leader, Bhoj Tandan, has over 20 years of specialist medical training and experience specific to conditions that may be encountered in Nepal.

A satellite phone is carried on every trek with access to our Kathmandu logistics and support crew and helicopter evacuation should it ever be needed.

Clients are fully briefed before each trek on how to avoid illness and the simple tasks that can be done to significantly reduce the risks of getting sick.