Climate and best times to trek

The climate of Nepal is based on a two season monsoonal year. The dry season runs from October to May and this is traditionally the trekking season. The monsoon season runs from June to September and is considered the off season. It is very wet and views of the mountains are usually very limited.

October and November are some of the best times to visit Nepal, with the country side green and lush, the air crisp and sharp views of the mountains.

December to February are the winter months. Lower altitudes are cooler and visibility is good but higher altitudes can be extremely cold and some passes may be blocked with snow.

March to May are good times to visit Nepal. The weather starts to progressively warm towards the end of this period leading into the monsoon. April showcases the extraordinary beauty of the flowering rhododendron forests of the Himalayan foothills.

Temperatures vary season to season and are also determined by the altitude of the trip that is planned, but the table below gives a very general indication of the minumim and maximum Celsius temperatures for the non-monsoon months.

Altitude Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
14/26 7/22 1/20 1/18 4/20 7/25 12/2 16/30
1,000m 16/25 11/22 6/20 5/19 8/20 11/25 15/29 17/30
2,000m 10/21 4/17 1/14 0/13 1/14 4/18 8/22 12/23
3,000m 6/18 1/15 -2/13 -3/12 -1/13 2/16 5/19 8/20
4,000m -4/12 -8/8 -10/6 -12/4 -10/5 -7/9 -3/12 -2/13
5,000m -9/8 -13/6 -15/4 -20/3 -15/5 -10/7 -7/11 -3/12