About Nepal

Nepal lies in the middle of the great Himalayan range, which contains eight of the world's fourteen 8,000+ metre peaks within its borders. These of course include the mighty Everest.

The beauty of the landscapes is matched only by the cultural diversity and the friendliness of the people.

Nepal not only offers an enormous variety of treks but travellers can white-water raft, kayak and even spot Bengal tigers, rhinoceros and other wildlife in the Chitwan National Park.

Nepal has something for everyone and is well known to offer life changing experiences to its visitors.

Although a small country Nepal contains an enormous variation in altitude from near sea level to the summit of Everest at 8,848m. With this comes extraordinary diversity in landscapes from the tropical jungles of the south, the terraced foothills of the middle ranges, the pine and rhododendron forests, to the peaks and glaciers of the high regions. With such a variety of landscapes, a holiday and trek in Nepal can be a truly diverse experience.

Culture, Religion and People

For many the true joy of a visit to Nepal is the contact made with the Nepalese people and experiencing first hand their amazing resilience, softness, sense of humour and spirit.

Nepal is home to over 30 different indigenous ethnic groups, each with their own unique language, culture and traditions.

The majority of the population are Hindus and Buddhists whose lives revolve around their religion and community. The locals play an important part in the trekking experience with local porters and sherpas showcasing the strength, endurance and positive attitude of a people whose lives are incredibly tough and difficult.

Kathmandu and the villages on a trek are home to shrines, temples and century old traditions that have endured the tests of time.


Until 2006 Nepal was the last remaining Hindu kingdom in the world. A democratic revolution and a series of uprisings have now seen Nepal evolve into a democratic country. It is however a work in progress and the job is ahead for this third world country.