OzNepal Trekking is in a unique position to provide Australians with the trek of a lifetime. Its principal, Bhoj Tandan, is a highly experienced Nepalese trek leader who has lived in Australia since 1996. Bhoj has been involved in tourism in Nepal for 25 years. He first started as a naturalist, then led white-water rafting expeditions before joining World Expeditions in 1991 as a trek leader. Since moving to Australia Bhoj has continued to run trips to Nepal predominantly for Australian based clients.

Experience Nepal

Nepal, nestled between Tibet and China to the north and India to the south is home to some of the best trekking on earth. It is the country where the mighty Himalaya - “Abode of the snows” - melts into the plains of the Indian subcontinent.

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Meet the Culture

OzNepal Trekking has a deep understanding of Australians’ expectations when trekking and delivers a wonderful blend of scenery, culture, tranquillity and adventure on its expeditions.

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Trek of a Lifetime

And it doesn’t stop at trekking - Nepal also offers travellers white-water rafting, kayaking and even spotting tigers, rhinoceros and other rare wildlife – all of which can be customised into your unique OzNepal experience.

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